Photos: Laura Lehtinen and Lauri Rotko

The Bunny Girl

The Bunny Girl speaks about woman´s purity and loss of identity. It depicts escaping and drowning into dreams, and fantasies that become invincible if one can´t let them go. Saara Turunen´s powerful play progresses in a ferocious stream-of-consciousness, blending levels of reality into a color-saturated fresco. The pressures women face are given stinging, concrete form in a genuinely theatrical way.

Written and directed by Saara Turunen 

The Theatre Academy of Finland 2008

The Helsinki City Theatre 2009

Published by:
Lasipalatsi 2007

Paso de Gato 2010
Novoje literaturnoje obozrenije 2016

Samsa Editions 2017
Into Kustannus 2019

Translations: English, Spanish,

Danish, German, French, Russian,

Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak,

Polish, Estonian

Other productions:

Sala Beckett, Barcelona 2010

Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City 2010

Festival International Cervantino, Guanajuato 2011

Sirály-Theatre, Budapest 2010

Vidor-Festival, Nyíregyháza 2010

Divadlo Letí, Prague 2015

As a radio play, ERR Radio Theatre, Estonia 2012

Radio Theatre, Finnish broadcasting company 2014