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The Broken Heart Story

The Broken Heart Story is a story of art and love. It delves into questions of identity, choices, and how to live to achieve happiness. The rainy world of the play bubbles with humour and a light touch in the face of big questions. To be a subject or an object, wonders a whiskered woman, with a cat´s skull in her hand.

Written and directed by Saara Turunen
Q-Theatre, Helsinki 2011
Tampere Theatre Festival 2012
Almada International Theatre Festival, Lisbon 2013
Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Vilnius 2014
Sala Atrium, Barcelona 2016
Sala Villarroel, Barcelona 2017

Published by:
Lasipalatsi 2011
Teatro del Astillero 2015
Into Kustannus 2019

Translations: English, Spanish, Danish, German, Swedish, Greek, Czech, Lithuanian, Estonian

Other productions:
Ingenue-Theater, New York 2012
La Capital, Mexico City 2018

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