Photos: Pate Pesonius

The Phantom of Normality


The Phantom of Normality owes inspiration to Luis Buñuels film The Phantom of Liberty. Where Buñuel´s film investigates freedom, this theatre piece pierces our assumptions of the commonplace and explores the yearning for the ordinary, the fear of difference, the horror of standing out from the crowd.

The Phantom of Normality is a melodic collage from which an absurd, melancholy world emerges. It´s a sharp portrayal of the strangeness of everyday habits and traditions, but also a homage to the beauty and momentary nature of life.


Written and directed by Saara Turunen 

Q-Theatre, Helsinki 2016-2017

Tampere Theatre Festival 2016

Published by: Into Kustannus 2019

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Translations: English, Spanish, Lithuanian


Awards / Thalia-Prize 2017


Other productions:

Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia,

Buenos Aires 2018


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